Nov 4, 2012

Some thoughts before Bed

Not to much happened around here today.

I made Princess Belle clean her room.  She was so slow at it and poked around at it that she will have to continue at it tomorrow.

Princess Magpie came up to us earlier today because she had seen a spider and we needed to come get it because it was very mean!  LOL

Princess Snifflefritz has been thrilled to be able to snack on leftover Halloween candy.  She was quite disappointed that all the decorations went away and wanted the pumpkin back.  But then she asked for a nola pop (lolly pop) and all was forgotten.

Little Prince is getting to be SUCH a light sleeper that having him sleep in in the living room is driving me a little crazy.  I am glad music helps to calm him down but having to tiptoe around and whisper while he is sleeping is frustrating!

I have decided that when we moved, I want to have a yard big enough for us to have a garden.  I want to learn how to garden and it will be a learning experience for Princess Belle and I to go through together.  If we live somewhere where it is possible, I would love to have some animals too at some point.  Just a few, starting with rabbits, then expanding to chickens (or ducks) and maybe even a couple of goats.  But I am going to start with a garden first and we will see from there.  It all depends on where we get a place.  I do know that where ever we get a place it will be OUT of the city.  I am leaning towards the Annapolis Valley.  It is SO pretty there and it is farming country which I love.  But Prince Charming has pointed out that the houses on the South Shores of Nova Scotia are quite inexpensive and it is  rural, it is just a different kind of rural than the Annapolis Valley. 

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Twyla said...

I live on the South Shore of NS, and I may be a little bias, but it is awesome here! lol I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Beautiful white sandy beaches, amazing sunsets and ocean views and the nicest people you could ever meet. :-)