Nov 22, 2012

Auditor General Report on Homeschooling in NS!

I am stressed out about this report!  I don't like where it seems to be leading us in regards to future regulations.  I know that Dr. Lowe has indicated that he supports homeschooling and he appears to be on our side, but truth be told, I felt like he was soothing ruffled feathers and that at the end of the day, we will probably be facing regulations that I don't like!!!!

Here is what HSLDA said about it on their website:

Nova Scotia: Anti-Home Education Report

The Auditor General in Nova Scotia has released a strongly anti-home education report.  The report makes 12 recommendations for change.  Among those recommendations are the following:
  • The Department of Education should require periodic, independent assessment of home schooled children against learning objectives and outcomes.
  • The Department of Education should assess the programs proposed by parents to determine if they are designed to achieve appropriate learning objectives and outcomes for home schooled children.
  • The Department of Education should obtain information on learning outcomes of home schooled children to determine if they are making reasonable educational progress.
  • The Department of Education should track home school registration using its computerized database to determine which children are not registered for the current year and whether follow up is needed.
  • The Department of Education should track children leaving public school for home schooling to ensure they are properly registered for home schooling.
  • The Department of Education should explore the possibility of establishing an information sharing protocol with the Department of Health and Wellness to enable tracking of all school-aged children in the province to determine whether they are registered for school.
Here is a link to the full report and one to a summary (our stuff is on page 2)!


At Home on the Rock... said...

I hear you. I'm not sure why they feel the need to fix something that isn't broken. I also have trouble with why they have someone who has no understanding of how homeschooling works coming up with these "suggestions". Hopefully HSLDA and a united front of NS homeschoolers will be all over this before it has a chance to take any kind of root.

TC Harris said...

It just really bothers me that this is happening here since I moved here to get to a place where homeschooling is easier.