Nov 1, 2012

The Sprat Sisters!

My girls, Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz, are like two parts of one whole.  They are junior versions of Jack Sprat and his wife, (The Sprat Sisters!). No matter what I feed them, Princess Magpie eats one part and Princess Snifflefritz eats the other.  If we have chicken and fries, Princess Magpie eats the chicken and Princess Snifflefritz eats the fries.  If they pizza, Princess Snifflefritz eats only the toppings and leaves the crusts behind and Princess Magpie eats the crusts and leaves the toppings in a pile on her plate.  And when they are eating their Halloween goodies, Princess Snifflefritz eats all the smarties and Princess Magpie eats all the chips.  Usually they trade plates and each will clear off what the other has left behind. LOL  It is too funny.  It is like they were born to complete each other.  It is a good thing I had the two of them.

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Julie said...

That is pretty funny! It's awesome to see how close they are. :)