Nov 18, 2012

Sunday Stuff

Yesterday Little Prince got me up at 4:30.  At 6:30 I decided to take advantage of being up and got some things done.  By 8:30 I had laundry going, apple cinnamon biscuits made, the counters cleared of  and scrubbed, the bathroom cleaned, the microwave cleaned and the coffee station cleaned.  All day every where I went, I was organizing little things I came across like the pantry, under the bathroom sink, and the medicine cabinet.  It was exhausting but it felt better to finally feel like my house is somewhat presentable.  It is just so hard to keep up on things between 4 kids, not enough sleep, homeschooling and housework.  It is just a lot of balls to juggle.  But yesterday it felt like I managed to do okay.

Princess Belle has taken reading scary books aimed at kids.  They aren't too scary, just a little bit.  The sort of kids books at come out at Halloween.  She was watching a show about one of the books on television and it freaked her out.  Now she is scared of the shower in the bathroom.  The poor girl looks into it every single time she enters the bathroom.  You know, just to be sure no bad guys are lingering there. 


Gina Williams said...

I need to have a day like that, and soon!!

Jennifer {Life Darling} said...

I applaud you! I know just how hard it is to keep a house clean when there are other people around insisting on making a mess! LOL! It took me four hours to clean my kitchen, family room and laundry room today, and I *still* have to mop the floors! Needed to get a break in before I tackle the upstairs, so here I am reading your blog! :-)