Sep 18, 2012

My children apparently scheduled a let's torture mommy night last night.  All night long they took turns waking me up to deal with some life threatening, dire emergency (like they were awake when they should have been sleeping and were fighting over a toy) and then Little Prince decided to get up to play for a while in the middle of the night.  But rather than let mommy sleep in he decided that getting mommy up for the day at the crack of dawn was still the best course of action

So to sum up, I am TIRED!  I have no idea whether this post made any sense at all, it could look like some a cross between Dutch and Dyslexic Klingon for all I know.  But I put it out there to share with all you other sleepless mommies.  There are other sleepless mommies out there . . . right? . . . please tell me I am not alone in my bleery-eyedness. 

It's a good thing they are cute!


life...just saying said...

Haha...though my days of waking with and to small children are long since over, I feel certain you are not alone. Hang in goes by quickly. Thanks for commenting on my post!

Neen said...

You are not alone. I am taking just a moment while the twins nap to say that you are not alone. So much going on that a nap is never part of the equation. At least when I need to get up in the middle of the night it is for a really great reason and not because I am sick. Good luck Blog friend, sleep or not, it won't keep you from heaven and that is all that really maters.

Julie said...

I get really tired too, but it's not because of the kids... It's working 30+ hours a week and homeschooling. Now that makes me SLEEPY! *lol*