Sep 30, 2012

Feild trip to the Health Fair

I thought I would share some pics from our feild trip the other day. We had a lot of fun and as I mentioned, Princess Belle was on the run so much, I didn't get a lot of GOOD pics, but here are some pics I did manage to get.
She was properly horrified but what 5 lbs of fat looks like

She entered lots of contests.

She read lots of informative information and asked lots of good questions.

She even won this contest!!!

We stopped for a snack.  I had some melon and she picked out a yogurt parfait, and insisted we sit next to the fish tank.

There was a farmers market outside and went there too.

She thought the bench next to the singer was a great place to finish her snack.

Afterwards, we met Daddy at the mall with all the littles.  I had a veggie sub, the girls had ice cream for dessert.
Little Prince slept through the whole adventure.

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Julie said...

I can never get over how many fun activities your area has for kids. Wish ours did things like that...