Sep 17, 2012

On account of the eruption of Mount Syropius . . .

Homeschooling has been called for today.  I should have taken pictures, but it didn't cross my mind.  I turned my back today and my living room was covered in syrup and coffee (the littles got at syrup and Princess Belle was trying to sneak coffee and spilled her spoils).  I swear I have magic kids able to wreak havoc faster than a speeding bullet. So I changed the little girls, put all three younger ones down for a nap and set to work cleaning up.  I figure while I am at, I will clean the fridge before we get groceries in a few days.  I didn't get mad. I actually laughed, I am just completely baffled as to how they could do so much in so little time!

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life...just saying said...

Syrup and coffee? Oh my! Great you could laugh about it. One day it will be a precious memory. But syrup?!
Thanks for the comment on my blog!