Sep 20, 2012

I need help with math

I am having motivation troubles with math with my beautiful Grade Five, Princess Belle.  She HATES math.  She always has.  She doesn't struggle with it, she is good at it, she just hates it.  Do you guys have ideas to make it more fun, interesting, or to motivate her in any way??  I could use the help.


Phyllis said...

That, perhaps, is a bigger question than I can answer in a paragraph.:)
A lot depends on what your goals are, what style of teaching you and she feel comfortable with and her abilities and interests. My goals are for my kids to love to learn and to know how to find what they want to know. Your goals may be different. If your goals are like mine, then I suggest that you back away from the traditional math approach. Play games, help her develop a mathematical way of thinking instead of being able to accomplish a series of memorized steps. If you can think of a hands-on way of presenting or practicing the concepts, that might help her gain interest. I am not sure where you are in her studies, but you might try looking at a book called "Mathematics -a Way of Thinking." It is generally for 3-6 graders. Many people like the book, "Family Math." I hope this gives you some ideas to think over. Please feel free to ask me more, if I can help. :)

Margaret said...

I don't home school but I do have a degree in math. And math is used in everyday life. You could bake with her, this is a 1/4 cup, doubling recipes,etc. You can make graphs/charts. There are lots of websites (free and ones you pay for) that have math games. Encourage analytical thinking.

Most people hate math as it is supposed to be hard. Most people have had bad math teachers; I know you home school but did you know that between 80-90% of math teachers did not major in math, some might even have had 1 university math course!

Unknown said...

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