Sep 24, 2012

Homeschool Math

I have decided to take the advice of so many people I spoke to and to change our approach to math.  The truth is, my main goal in homeschooling is to provide my children with a love of learning and to teach them how to discover answers for themselves.  Life is an ever-learning, ever-growing process.  I LOVE to learn.  I LOVE to research and discover things.  I would love to pass that along to my children and if something in our homeschool is working against that goal, then it has to change.

So in answer to that, I am going to try to make it fun.  I am going to look at each topic in our math book and then go on my own and find a way of making it a game or an activity.  Like the five digit addition and subtraction we were doing the other day.  We could have played a game.  I throw something and she throws something.  She measures the difference, converts it to millimeters or centimeters whichever would be 5 digits and figures out the difference.  Then we add them together to see how far we could have thrown working together. This is measuring, it is addition and subtraction and it is activity.  It would be fun and she would like it better than sheets and sheets of math problems.  I am going to keep putting on my creative hat to come up with activities that can work.

(I have to admit, this one came to me in my dreams last night. LOL)


Neen said...

I hope you have good luck with this. I have struggled with Math and homeschooling since the beginning. The kids like to blame me for lost test scores, I honestly have tried lots of things. I think they would have struggled just as much in traditional school in the math world. Please share all results for the rest of us that struggle. :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

My one consolation is that I know whatever I can accomplish with math is more than they accomplished when she was in public school. At that time, her math book was completely empty! They couldnt get her to do any at all.

Anonymous said...

Math is always the area where we struggle. I love your idea to make everything a game. How horrible that I just don't have the energy to do that?

life...just saying said...

I so agree with your teaching style...a lifelong love of learning. Math, on the other hand, good luck with that! (Not a fan of math).
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
BTW, would you be interested in guest posting on my blog?

Susan Evans said...

That's great that you're making math more fun for your kids. It's notoriously the driest subject!