Sep 20, 2012

Eeww Eeww Eeww!!

It is funny the things that people use to find my blog.  I was just looking through the search terms that people use to get here and while it is fun to see some, some are just CREEPY!!!  The creepy men who find me make me want to go get a shower!  EEEEWWWW.  That being said, I refuse to let the knowledge that creepy men come here looking for things that they don't find change how I blog in any way.  Sorry guys, this is just a mommy blog where an over-tired, vegetarian, homeschooling mom shares her life with her blog friends.  If you want something disgusting, you will have to move on to some other blog on your creepy little list. 


Anonymous said...

Some people do come to my blog looking for something specific that I've mentioned once or twice. Sorry, folks. My in-depth musings about life and growth in a control-based relationship are on FetLife. LOL

Yup, my public blog is just the sharings of a homeschooling mom - boring, everyday stuff. ;)

Julie said...

It disgusts me what people will actually look for online. People are so sick. It's disturbing...