Sep 9, 2012

Sunday Seven

  1. Little Prince is still working on his first tooth and it is making him more than a little crooked.  Having his bed in the living room is hard because it means that he gets disturbed in his sleep a lot. (My smilley little man has been grouchy lately and I am taking a few baby free moments to post)
  2. Princess Magpie is STILL not potty trained.  I am trying not stress over it but she is FOUR years old and showing no signs of wanting to be done with this process anytime soon.  Two year old Princess Snifflefritz will definitely be trained before she is at this rate.
  3. I find it funny that at this point in my cloth diapering, homeschooling, mommy-of-four life, if I want to do such a liittle thing as shower, I have to make a point to schedule it to make sure I can get time to get it done.  (with regards to homeschooling, I LOVE how much the girls like homeschool this year.  We even did some yesterday because Princess Belle wanted to.)
  4. I would really like it if our guest would get his own place sometime soon.  It looks like he will be with us until at least October but he has been sleeping on our couch since April and not to be inhospitable I am missing my couch and I find it hard sometimes to feed an extra mouth.  (Not to mention how much extra coffee we go through) 
  5. (oops have to go little Mr. Crankypants is crying yet again) Okay I am back, now where was I . . . mmm . . . I have no idea so I will start a new thought.  At this moment, Princess Snifflefritz is begging me to go to bed.  I do believe I am the only mom who is lucky enough to have kids who ask to go to bed.  They get up, play and have fun and eat and then at some point decide they are done and ask to go to bed.
  6. I also think it is funny how the two little girls ALWAYS take off their clothes at night (unless I rig it so they can't).  It never fails that they come out with only a diaper on.  Then at some point Princess Snifflefritz will look down and suddenly realize she has no shirt and insist on having a shirt on.  Like some thief came in their room in the middle of the night and stole their clothes when they were sleeping.  
  7. Since we moved into this place, I have been drying my clothes on the clothesline because the either the dryer doesn't work or the plug for the dryer is broke, we haven't figured out which yet.  So today when I was getting clothes in off the line before the rainfall warning we have comes to fruition, I saw a GIANT spider on the clothes.  You should have seen me, frantically waving a bag of plastic bottle for recycling at the clothes trying to knock the spider down.  I am sure it look pretty silly but this momma was FREAKED OUT


JulieBug said...

How cute! Some of those made me giggle especially the one about the "clothes thief" ;)

Tricia said...

I love your honesty! And oh my! I will act interested in them for my boys, but no thank you! Thanks for your note at Mom is the Only Girl!

Julie said...

I would have been freaking out even MORE about the spider. Trust me! ;)

I would NOT be happy with a guest staying that long. Not happy at all!