Dec 10, 2011

Saturday Sum-up

  1. I am super-tired tonight. I am pretty sure it is because I have been packing and getting things done, but I am going to have to watch my food and my blood sugars to make sure that is not why.
  2. We have a new house lined up. Thank goodness. That is one thing off my plate to think about.
  3. I just have to find someone to drive our moving truck now because I am not comfortable driving such a big truck such a long distance especially while pregnant.
  4. I am glad we will be moving before I am 7 months pregnant so that we can be mostly settled before our litttle Prince is born.
  5. I mentioned before that I was sad that Michelle Duggar lost her baby. I said so on facebook and had people (one in particular) choose that post to vent all her disagreements and to air all her grievances against the Duggar family. That bothers me so much. Whether you agree with their lifestyle or not, this was a very sad loss and it is not the time to start bashing. I feel like people should pay attention to the lessons learned in childhood shows like Bambi (Thumper: [clears throat] If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all).
  6. It sucks to rent a place from so far away and while I know my new house won't be very big, but I do know that it does have a dining room and that is already better than this place. It will cost us a LOT less money too! I already have plans to make the best use of space and storage.

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Julie said...

Glad you found another house...