Dec 1, 2011


I am feeling good about things today. We have started a savings account to prepare for a move.

I should have known better than to move back here. The reasons we moved last time have resurfaced and it has been a little stressful (thus the lack of wordy, loving, mom-posts lately). I don't understand how these people can sense I am pregnant and choose this time to harass me again! This house was awful anyway, it was too small and the downstairs apartment has a bug and rodent infestation!!!

Anyway, we are planning to move when we can afford it, we are doing everything we can to prepare. I feel better with a plan in hand. I really like the town we are moving to. It is in a different province that has better regulations regarding homeschooling. We lived there before for quite a number of years and really love it there. So I am anxious to get there and get my family out of harms way and to get back to our peaceful, happy, loving existence that we are used to.

I am choosing to try to stress as little as possible because I have enough issues in my pregnancies without adding to them in any way. When this little boy arrives he deserves a relaxed mommy and I am determined to do what I can to give him one!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it in Alberta?????

Julie said...

Hope you find a place that makes you happy...