Dec 3, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like . . .

It was a lovely day. We tidied the house and then when the little one's went down for a nap, Princess Belle and I (with Prince Charming's help) set about making our house look festive. I love how it turned out. (there are no batteries in the camera right now). We drank egg nog, listened to Christmas music and made the living room look lovely. Princess Belle had a fabulous time! When Princess Magpie came out, she was filled with wonder. She called it a magic tree and she kept saying, "look at all the Christmas . . . ). She softly touched the ornaments and played a game letting the dangly ones touch her on the head. It was very sweet. Princess Snifflefritz did her very best to disassemble everything she could reach. She even tried desperately to eat the plastic candy canes hanging on our wall. (she was convinced they were real.)

This evening I was tired from all the work, but it as so nice to sit and admire all the pretty decorations.

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Julie said...

When the kids were little I used to love to decorate when they were sleeping, so I could see the looks of wonder on their faces when they woke up and saw the Christmas lights. I miss that... Now they help me, and that's a lot of fun too. :)