Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends out there in Blogland!

Mine is going well and I hope yours is too. I made a bread pudding last night and when I got up this morning, I popped it in the oven. So it was ready to while we were opening presents. I stuffed the turkey yesterday and peeled all my veggies so that is another thing off my plate for today. Princess Belle and I made candy cake chocolate bark for Santa this year and it was fabulous! I am definitely going to be doing that again. Princess Snifflefritz and Princess Magpie tired themselves out while playing with their presents and are both napping. It was so much fun to watch them this year. Princess Belle is playing with her big girl toys and with one of the baby dolls that the little girls got. I love that she is at an age where she likes the big kid stuff but is not too cool to play with little kid stuff too. I have lots of pics from today, but I will post them later. Here are some other Christmas pics I have.

And Congrats to Notsosnowwhite and her White Knight who are now engaged to be married!!

This is absolutely beautiful.

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