Dec 12, 2011

On My Mind

There is so much going on right now. I am trying to arrange our move. We have a place lined up and I am trying to find movers who will work with our VERY TIGHT budget. We could use a u-haul and we will if we have to, but it is just so hard to find someone to drive it and to find someone to help us load it. I will be 6 months pregnant at that point and will be of NO USE at all. So I am pounding the pavement (or rather the keyboards) trying to find someone who is willing to move us within our budget. The closest bid so far, is still $600 more than we can come up with, so we are still looking. Once we get this nailed down, I can relax and just concentrate on packing.

In the meantime, I enjoy listening to my girls, playing, giggling, Princess Magpie chasing Princess Snifflefritz up the hall giggling, Princess Snifflefritz singing "Twinkle Twinkle" (so adorable when she can hardly talk) and Princess Belle singing, "Hallelujah" beautifully.

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Julie said...

Hope you can find someone to help you move. When we last moved (back in 2006), all we had to do was tell Joe's family, and they were there to help 100%. Very nice!