Nov 15, 2011

Tuesday Talk

I walked down the mall today. And let me tell you this pregnant body does not move like it used to. Before I was pregnant, I walked down there, almost every day, sometimes more than once if I felt like getting out of the house for a while. But, today? By the time I got back, I was walking at a snails pace, holding my back and my hips! I was sooo sore!!!! Who knew that walking could hurt my back like that??

On the upside, I dropped by the Sears Optical here in St. John's to check on the progress of my glasses prescription. he had me pick out frames while I was there. Scott, the man who works there was wonderful. He hand-picked out dozens of frames, had me try them on and was quick to put back the ones that didn't suit me. He knew what would look best on me and what would work best with my ridiculously high prescription (and thus thick lenses). He then proceeded to work magic and to get me a deal where I could get sunglasses too! And between him and the manager, they managed to get me them at NO EXTRA COST!!!! They were wonderful and helpful and really took the time to get me the best glasses for me at the best price! He doesn't get a commission, he gets paid no matter what kind of glasses I get or if I don't get any at all, but he is kind enough and diligent enough to do a wonderful job!


Nancy said...

Shame on me for not stopping in sooner! Congratulations!!!! I'm just reading you are expecting :)

Love to all of you!

Anonymous said...

I love it when you find people that are good at their job and care about other folks!!! Hooray!!! Sorry that the walk caused so much pain though!!

Julie said...

That's awesome about the sunglasses! I've always wanted a pair of rx sunglasses!!!