Nov 10, 2011


OMG! I saw a mouse in my house!!!! I got up this morning and when I went into the washroom a mouse ran by my feet into the heater!!!! I am so freaked out! I knew there was a rat problem in the neighbourhood because of the restaurant a few doors down and their garbage. But I was living in blissful ignorance that anything would get into to my house! I have hated this house since we moved in. It is too small. There is no storage at all! The road I live on is way too busy! There is mold in the back porch. But now there is a mouse! I want out. This pregnant momma who woke her whole house by screaming in the morning, does not want to share her house with VERMIN! It is on healthy!

Btw, I am also fed up with this whole darned town at this point, but that is another matter entirely. For now, I have just decided never to have another nice relaxing soak in this bathtub AGAIN! EVER!!!! EWWW!!! ICK!!! YUCK!!!


Julie said...

I would have screamed too!!! ... Since we have four cats, we don't have any mouse problems... but if we did, I would DIE!!!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I figured out that the reason he turned up is because our downstairs neighbor moved out a few weeks ago and he had a cat. And when he moved out, took his cat and left his garbage, I guess a mouse moved in!