Nov 4, 2011

Friday Five

  1. Well, my headache has eased up. That is definitely a good thing!
  2. I even got out of the house to meet with a group of pregnant moms. It was kind of fun. I like any opportunity to get out of the house.
  3. I seem to be doing okay with my diabetes control right now. At least the diet has stopped making me sick.
  4. The girls are doing really well. They like to play in their rooms when they are supposed to be sleeping, but once they go to sleep, they tend to stay that way and sleep in enough in the mornings for me to have a nice cup of coffee and breakfast in quiet.
  5. I have taken to giving the girls a bath most mornings. They like it so much that it is a cheerful way to wake them up. And they are just so cute playing in the bathtub together. I have to laugh because Princess Snifflefritz is so small that a lot of times, she starts to float when she is trying to sit. She is just too cute.

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Julie said...

When my kids were small, I always did their bath at night, as part of their bedtime routine... But now it's a morning thing. of course, all my kids are old enough to shower on their own, which is nice. *lol*