Nov 18, 2011

Healthy Baby club

I was out a Healthy Baby Club today. It was nice to get a chance to chat with the moms. The nurse was there this time and she had silicone models of babies at different gestational ages. I was amazing to hold a baby in my hands that was 2 weeks younger than my little monkey is right now. It looks so sweet and real, it brought tears to my eyes thinking how real it made my baby to me.

I have to admit that I have been a bit overly hormonal the last few days. I don't mean to be and I try to control my reactions, but I know that I am more sensitive and more easily overwhelmed than I usually am. When I can feel that I need help because I am sick and overwhelmed with it all, I ask Prince Charming for help and he is always quick to help. So at least he and Princess Belle are understanding. I have to give Princess Belle credit, she has been so completely helpful the last little while. She is thrilled with life right now and she is anxious to help in any way she can.

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