May 24, 2009

Sunday Sum up

Still taking it easy at the moment. I am still sick but the Diclectin is helping a LOT. I hope to be back to normal soon. I have to get some blood work and stuff done on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed it all comes out okay. I will be so glad when this trimester is over.

The kittens are adorable. I love to spend time watching them playing together, tumbling over each other and then falling asleep.

Princess Magpie is eating like crazy these days. She must be going through yet another growth spurt. That girl has got to slow down a little. I am not ready for her to keep growing at this rate! She is 10 months old and wearing 18 - 24 months clothes.

Princess Belle is doing well. She is growing like crazy, but she has had quite a bit of really nice clothes given to her lately, so she can keep growing if she wants, I am prepared. She is such a tall slender girl. I swear she is going to look like a model when she grows up. When she becomes a teenager, I may just have to lock her up until she turns 21.


The Estrogen Files said...

Wow! Did I read that you will have another one soon? I'm so behind in reading. What a blessing.

Emily said...

Glad you guys seem to be doing well! Wow...18 month size already...go Princess Magpie! Ahhh, if I could only have a tall slender body too...luck lucky princess Belle!

Julie said...

Belle can share a cell with Alicia, who will need to be locked up as well!!!