Aug 20, 2006

My Creative Little Princess

There are times, when my little princess surprises me. She comes out with something that completely surprises me in her creativity. This is an example:

She was in our basement playing with the boxes and she created a box train and when I asked her about it, she said, "Mommy, this is a box train. I can ride it." I love that she came up with that.

Here is another:

She sits on the floor in the basement next to her father and plays with the broken computer. Notice, there is nothing on the screen. It is just her pretending to be "playing the computer" with daddy.

Or she just dances around pretending to be a star blowing me kisses while she dancing. She really does keep me guessing.

Taking the thing I use to put nail polish on my toes and pretending she is brushing her hair with it.

And after me following her around taking a pic of every funny thing she does, a pic of her laughing and telling me, "no more pictures mommy!"


Anonymous said...

Hehehe! That looks like my living room did yesterday. Today it is cutting our favorite pictures out of the Sunday Paper. I love see what interests her enough to cut out and save in her treasure box. (shoebox) And I can't wait until she naps so I can do so. So far I've seen her cut out a cactus, a car and a bag of dogfood.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely daughter you have :) I miss my eldest being four (she's 5 and 1/2 years old going on 12 -_-;; )
Thanks for visiting my site and have a wonderful week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Such fun! I love trying to figure out what's going on inside my little one's head. She likes to take the old computer keyboard we gave her and type away like she sees me do. And say "click! click! click!" lol!

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous, I love the creativity my kids (4 under the age of 9yrs) come up with too, I think it is a credit to us though, as we encourage and "ever praise the good" things they do....then they can grow up to truly be able to say they have learnt alot through being able to be free...and have fun doing it is the important thing too :)

Anonymous said...

I like the last one! She's so cute!