Aug 30, 2006

Little Things

My little Princess got up just before her alarm clock today. My life is always easier when she does that. She is always just a little happier and a little more content if I haven't had to wake her from a deep sleep.

The night before last someone from our tenants association on this street, knocked on my door. She was running for chair and wanted my vote. I spoke to her about the whole thing and who was running for the other positions and it was suggested that maybe I should run for Treasurer as I used to do accounting for a living and it was definitely within my capability. As well, I have wanted to be a part of the community as I really like it here and this was a way for me to do that. So I ran. The vote was tonight and I lost to a much loved, hard working, 20 year veteran of the community. Once I heard she was running (while I was sitting there waiting for the vote) I knew I lost. I was lead to believe that no one else was running. I really wasn't that dissappointed as it sounded like a very complicated job with a lot of responsibilities, taking full advantage of all my accounting history. I think it may have been more than I was really willing to bit off anyway.

How cute is this? I am on the computer and my little princess comes running in, "Mommy! Poppy wants to speak to you!" confused as I hadn't heard the phone, I asked, "Where?" and she answers, "On the phone." and she hands me the phone. I pick it up and there is a dial tone. Apparently she wanted to speak to her grandfather! How cute is that!! I got her to come over while I called him, but he wasn't home. So she left him a message.


Anonymous said...

Well, congrats on NOT winning the election! hehehe... and perhaps the princess will get to talk to Poppy later! ( i always liked it when my kids woke up on their own too -- much happier little people! )

Anonymous said...

My son always wants to talk to his grammie, so we dial the number together...then I get to hear his cute little self talk to her like a "big boy"! Sooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

Cute with the phone!

The positive thing is that you showed that you were interested in being a part of the community, so hopefully other things will come along that might not be so time-consuming :)

Anonymous said...

awww that is cute

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time, if you really want it.

Anonymous said...

Your princess is almost the same age as mine. How sweet about calling grandpa!

Thanks for stopping by the other day. Let me know if you do an I'd never list. I think they are too funny!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwww. That is sweet!

Too bad about the votes. Sounds like your kinda relieved about it though.

Anonymous said...

How adorable! Katie called Cuba of all places a few months ago. Shocked the behoohah's out of me when I got the phone bill.

Sorry the Treasurer didn't work out, you didn't know. There will be other things especially as Princess gets older. You may end up being costume designer for her ballet class!