Mar 8, 2016


Little Prince had speech therapy today and I was amazed at how much work he did.  He said SO many new words.  He redirected the therapist when he wanted her to do something different.  When she was saying letters and he wanted her to count, he said,"No, 1".  He did similar things several times.  He really worked SO hard several times using words in a purposeful way!  After 35 minutes he was suddenly crying.  I had no idea why but I picked him up to comfort him and he leaned back and looked right at me and said, "Ready . . . Bye bye."!  He actually felt tired and asked to be done.  We decided acknowledge how he felt and it was time to be done.  I am so happy he actually let us know what was wrong.

I am also pretty sure he said an actual sentence to me, "What you doing?"  I was cleaning his room and he wanted to know what I was doing.

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