Mar 25, 2016

I Tried

I tried.  For five days I tried.  For five days I tried to be on the same diet I had put Prince Charming on to control  his blood pressure and lose weight.  It was working for him and in 5 days he had lost 11 lbs and in 5 days I had gained back 3 of my hard earned 60 lbs lost!!  I have a very difficult metabolism and what works for other people doesn't work for me.  I was tired and didn't feel well.  His eating plan just doesn't work for me and it wasn't worth the ease of cooking one meal to stick with it.  So I switched back to the plan that works for me.  He says that in time, he is willing to try my plan to see if it works for him but in the meantime, I have cooked two dinner meals a day for a year, I can keep it up now too. 

Since I changed back, I have lost 2 of the 3 lbs I gained and I am willing to bet tomorrow I will be back down the other pound!  I just have to stick with what works for me.

The other thing that has happened since I changed back is that I have energy to spare.  I want to be moving and doing things. I am no longer lethargic and it is so much easier to keep on top of the things I am expected to as a homeschooling mom of 4 kids (two of whom are special needs).

And it takes energy to keep up with cuties like this one!

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