Mar 7, 2016

Scary stuff

Prince Charming had an appointment today.    He was put on blood pressure medication and has to go back in Two Weeks.  I have told him that I am putting him on a diet because I need him around and his blood pressure was scary high.  It really scared me.  The thing is, I don't care about his weight.  It doesn't bother me at all.  The idea of a hwart attack or stroke scares md silly.  He agreed to go on a diet and we will start on our next grocery day.

On another note, I was inspired by tiny house shows to do what I can to make the best of this home.  If they can live in a teeny tiny house, then I can try to make do without a basement and a dining room.  This is why I have been getting cabinets to add to our storage solutions.  I like living in this town and there is just such a lack of housing options for a family of our size.  I have one and it is super affordable too.

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