Mar 2, 2016

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday


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There was a moment, the other day when Princess Snifflefritz was feeling sick that touched my heart.  Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz were on the couch whispering to each other.  But Princess Snifflefritz wasn't feeling well, so she was laying on the couch with her head in Princess Magpie's lap while they chatted.  It wasn't a big deal for them.  It is just how they are.  When one isn't well, the other one takes care of them.  It was a quiet moment that spoke so clearly about the special bond that they share.  I didn't take a picture, I didn't want to intrude on the moment, but there are lots of pictures that I have taken over the years that show just how much they love and share with each other.  They truly are best friends.