Mar 22, 2016


Little Prince had a truly lovely birthday yesterday.  This was a year of firsts for him and I am so proud of him! 

This was the first year that he actually ate the icing of the cake.  In the past, it was too gooey for him and he wouldn't touch it!

This was the first year that he actually opened his own presents!  We discovered gift bags were a way to let him open them on his own and so we made sure all his presents were in gift bags! (Note for Christmas!!)  The only help he needed was sometimes the bags were a little big for him to balance and so Princess Magpie would help him hold it while he opened it himself!

He was fascinated by his cake and this picture was taken seconds before he got his fingers into the corner of it, silly boy!

We had a CARS theme for his birthday and he really seemed to have fun.  He was happy, flappy and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of his toys!

And after it was done, we just spent time together as a family and let him stay up as late as he wanted until he showed signs of being tired. 

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