Mar 20, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Since today is my birthday, I have been thinking a lot about how much has changed in the last year.  I have to say, I am happy with how things have gone. 

Since my last birthday, I have lost 60 lbs.  I am still working on losing but if something happened and I was stuck at this weight for good, I would be happy with how much I have done.  I am wearing clothes I have had in bins for 10 years!!!  Because I am feeling good about myself, I am doing stuff for myself such as getting funky haircuts, buying fun clothes, taking time to do little things for myself.  I think it is important for my girls to see that I take care of myself as well as my family so that they know to take care of themselves when they grow up.

We moved to a new town that I just love.  I miss my friends sometimes but I love the small town atmosphere with the big town conveniences.  It works for us.  And it helps that we have the best neighbours EVER! 

Because we like our home and out town we are finally buying things for the house to make it ours and to make it feel homey to us and I LOVE that too.

We took the kids out to go shopping with daddy for presents for me while Little Prince and I sat in the van.  He snacked on Timbits so he was quite happy.  (Yay new food!)

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