Oct 27, 2015

So Silly

A few months ago, we bought Little Prince a new bed and mattress.  His old mattress was stained from his proclivity for dripping chocolate milk out of his bottle.  We decided to put the old mattress under his bed as a barrier to all of his favorite toys to keep them from being shoved up under his bed.  This worked well and he slept happily on his new bed until Little Prince discovered the old mattress hiding under his bed.  Now he has added a new step to his nightly routine.  Here is the way his night goes:

1.  Go in room and rock with excitement that somehow his room was magically cleaned while he was up.
2.  As soon as he's alone, proceed to take every toy out of his toolbox, throw them around the room with enthusiasm. (Making sure we can hear them crashing around his room)
3.  Rock while reading his books, then scatter them around the room with his toys.
4.  Run laps back in forth in his room, making sure to crash into the door when he gets there.  (Downstairs this sounds like, "Thump, thump, thump, thump . . .CRASH!  Thump, thump, thump, thump . . .CRASH!"
5.  Lever his bottom between his bed and the wall and then push his bed away from the wall to create a cosy, little spot behind his bed where his old mattress is revealed.
6.  Curl up with his monkey pillow and a book and sleep in the tiny nook he  created.

When I go looking for him, I find a huge mess of toys, books, book remnants, and a cute little boy sleeping behind his bed on his old mattress.

Silly boy!

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