Oct 4, 2015

Gratitude Sunday

After such a lovely weekend, I am feeling particularly full of gratitude.  I am happy to share my gratitude this week:

1.  Family taco suppers

2.  Time out with my beautiful teenage girl.

3.  The girls lovely their hats from my wonderful neighbour.

4.  A little time out alone to have a coffee and a paper before my appointment.

5.  Adorable ponytails.

6.  Watching my boy spend time with my freind's son.

7.  Seeing how excited my girls were when Princess Tigger's daughter did their nails.

8.  My girl's going treasure hunt with their daddy and his freind.

9.  Time with my freind.
either d

10.  Watching the kids enjoy each other.

11.  Going to the farmers market.

12.  My lovely gift from Princess Tigger.

12.  Getting a GREAT picture of all our kids together.

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