Aug 10, 2015

We Did It!

So last night Little Prince woke up and wanted to get up and go outside again.  The last thing I want to do is get out of bed and walk around my neighborhood in the middle of the night.  So I went into his room and decided to try to settle him.  I sat on his bed and held him in my lap and watched a show on his tv with him.  When I sang the theme song, he stopped crying and smiled.  We sat together for a few minutes and then we played with one of his toys.  After that he sat beside me contentedly for a few minutes.  I moved his favorite giant teddy behind him and put his monkey pillow beside him and just sat there quietly.  Suddenly he grabbed his bottle, pulled his monkey pillow into his lap and lay back on his teddy happily.  When I saw he was happy, I took a chance and left.  In no time at all, I heard happy sounds coming from his room.

I fixed it!  The last time this happened I couldn't fix it at all and he screamed for an hour straight!  But this time we found our way. My boy was happy and spent the rest of the night happily in his room. My boy is starting to express more desire for company than he has.  In the past it was almost like he only viewed us as providers of his needs but lately he is wanting to come and hug me, or sit on me, be tickled by me, or just touched by me as long as I don't rush it and let him do things his own way.  I love that he is showing me, in his special way that he loves and needs me.  He is finding his way to me despite the barriers autism puts in his way and it makes my heart sing.

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