Aug 3, 2015


Little Prince isn't sleeping right again.  I am exhausted and the prospect of fall coming and trying to get up the energy to homeschool while not getting enough sleep is daunting.  I have things to do but it  feels like all I am doing is entertaining my beautiful boy.  I spend mornings outdoors with him, I spend afternoons keeping him from hurting himself while running around the living room.  He is crazy, he climbs on the tables, he climbs window frames, he tries to pull the television down, he pushes every button he can find.  I  spend all my time chasing him to keep him safe.  In the evenings he gets up and we gave snacks on the steps.  Then he wakes up again in the middle of the night and won't settle until we go outside again.  Which means I am the crazy lady walking my boy around the block in the middle of the night.

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