Aug 14, 2015


Fourteen years ago, I married the man who has helped to make me the person I am.  He was the one who stood up for me and then had my back when I grew strong enough to stand up for myself.  I was twenty-eight when we met and I had long ago given up hope of meeting someone and having a family.  I was certain it wouldn't happen for me.  But along came my Prince Charming and swept me off my feet.  In his eyes I felt beautiful.  In his arms, I grew strong.  I was able to step outside the expectations I was living under and to build a life that was truly the life I wanted.  Thanks to my Prince Charming, I was able to become my true self.  He saw the real me, and thanks to him, I wear my real self on the outside now.

So to my Prince Charming, thanks for making me a wife and a mother, and thanks for helping me be the strong, determined, and contented person I am.  Thanks for sharing in our happily ever after. . .

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