Aug 15, 2015


Little Prince only woke up once last night but he was inconsolable.  It reminded me of how very much I wish he could tell me what hurts.  It wasn't the same as the screaming the other night which just felt grouchy, this honestly felt like something was really wrong but I didn't know what and I didn't know how to fix it.  It broke my heart he was sobbing and clinging to me.  I could only snuggle my sobbing boy until he let go and lay down on his teddy.  Even after I went back to bed I couldn't settle because I was afraid he would start over again.  In the middle of it I considered taking him to the emergency room to get him checked out.  But he eventually settled. I just kept thinking about my sobbing boy clinging to me looking to me to make it better for him and how helpless I felt holding him as he cried.

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