Aug 22, 2015


Little Prince is curious, adventurous and impulsive.  He is a constant danger to himself as he climbs everything he sees with no concept of keeping himself safe.  I have to chase him around keeping him from falling off whatever he managed to get his little toes up on.  He also grabs at everything he can reach.  The thing is that he is clumsy so he will either trip over it or he will drop it and the end result either way is that he will probably break it.  Just this week he has broken a lamp, a picture, and a glass canister.  And he also knocked over my Tassimo, but luckily he didn't break that one.  I am not mad, he isn't purposely destructive.  He is simply curious and clutzy and that is an exhausting combination.  I feel like I am always trying to keep him safe or grabbing him so I  can clean up the latest broken glass.  There's  absolutely no anger at all I am just scared he will get hurt if I am not fast enough one day.

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