Aug 28, 2015


I went exploring today.   It was so fun.  I discovered SO many shops that I just love.

First, I found a new playground that the kids will love.  Then across the road, I noticed this meat market.  I went in and there are so many unique this at great prices.  I fully intend to shop there more.

I found so much cool architecture and such beautiful scenery.  I walked down the street, the sun was shining, music filled the air, and around every was something new to discover.  And the best part was everyone I saw was so happy and friendly.

The thing is, this all happened by accident.  I intended to go a store that I thought was around the corner. . . IT wasn't.  So I walked way further than I would have.  And when I  got there it was CLOSED!  But I think things happened this way for a reason because look at all the  great places I discovered!  It was a great day.

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