Jan 28, 2012


For about 6 months, I posted on another blog.  This a post that was copied from that blog.  I used different names for the family.  Just so you know the names were as follows:

Prince Charming - Wandering Aengus
Princess Belle - Lilly
Princess Magpie - Rose
Princess Snifflefritz - Lotus
Little Prince - Reed

Quiet day today.  I have BOOMING headache.  I woke up not feeling well but I did manage to get a few things done before the pain in my  head got overwhelming.  I did manage to make bread, tidy up, clean the floor, unpack a few boxes , do some laundry and make supper.  But by that point the pain in my head knocked me off my feet.  So, there is not much left in me for blogging today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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