Jan 30, 2012

Baby Thoughts.

For about 6 months, I posted on another blog.  This a post that was copied from that blog.  I used different names for the family.  Just so you know the names were as follows:

Prince Charming - Wandering Aengus
Princess Belle - Lilly
Princess Magpie - Rose
Princess Snifflefritz - Lotus
Little Prince - Reed

When I was pregnant with my two younger girls, it was after I had a lost a baby.  I was scared.  I had troubles connecting the fact that the wonderful feelings of movement inside me were of an actual baby, instead it was like little promises of a baby still to come.  But this time around, it is all more real.  I am less scared.  And every time this little guy kicks (which is hard and a lot) I can picture him in my head.  I see my little boy in there moving and kicking and he is REAL to me.  (even if by some strange turn of events HE turned into a SHE, it wouldn’t matter).  I am holding my baby inside of me and when he kicks it is like he is talking to me.  It is hard to explain but it truly is different.  I am feeling my baby now instead of the promise of a baby to come in a few months.

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