Jan 14, 2012

The Apartment

For about 6 months, I posted on another blog.  This a post that was copied from that blog.  I used different names for the family.  Just so you know the names were as follows:

Prince Charming - Wandering Aengus
Princess Belle - Lilly
Princess Magpie - Rose
Princess Snifflefritz - Lotus
Little Prince - Reed

I will admit that this apartment wasn’t all I had hoped it would be when I got here.  There were quite a few repairs that needed to be done.  I walked into the kitchen and it HAD NO FAUCET!!!  There no fuses, the bathroom HAD NO DOOR!!! and most of the doors had no knobs, to name a few of the problems.  Well, we were here, our stuff was in the rooms and so we made a list of all the repairs and brought it to the super.  Surprisingly, within 24 hours all of the repairs were done.  Well, I think we are still waiting on the arrival of one doorknob and a light fixture is being repaired, but other than that, the place is all fixed.  As quick as that.  The place is MUCH bigger than our old place.  The closets are bigger, the rooms are bigger, there is a storage room and a walk-in linen closet.  There is so much potential in this place and I am free to fix it how I want to.  You take your chances when you rent a place from 1400 miles away so that you can’t actually see it.  So rather than focus on the negatives, I focused on the positives.  They are quick to make repairs, the apartment is huge and I really like the location.  I think that if you come back a fe months from now, you would be shocked to see just how fabulous this place is going to be.  (If you get over the fact that you have to lug your groceries up THREE flights of stairs. LOL)

On a sidenote, poor little 3 year old Rose keeps asking when we are going home.  She likes the largeness of the new place, but she just doesn’t feel like this is her home yet.

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