Jan 22, 2012

Quite a Boon!

For about 6 months, I posted on another blog.  This a post that was copied from that blog.  I used different names for the family.  Just so you know the names were as follows:

Prince Charming - Wandering Aengus
Princess Belle - Lilly
Princess Magpie - Rose
Princess Snifflefritz - Lotus
Little Prince - Reed

I love poking through used book stores.  I love looking for old books or learning books to add to the girls homeschool collection.  Well, today I hit a boon.  I was wandering around looking at books and I couldn’t see a price, so I picked out three that I liked and went up to pay for them.  When I got there the cashier says, “You know I still have to charge you a dollar even if you got three instead of ten, right?”  In my head I was thinking, “What! What! What! They are only 10 for a $1! wow!”  Out loud I just said, “Hold on, I will pick out some more.” So I picked out 7 more books and came home.  Lilly has been curled up reading them ever since and Wandering Aengus is right there beside her reading some of them too!  I love how much she loves educational books, she learns so much and I all I have to do is have them available to her.

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