Aug 28, 2011

Six Weeks

I am six weeks pregnant now. So that is halfway through the first trimester and I am thrilled for that anyway. I am not taking belly pics yet, although my pants are getting too tight already. I guess that is bound to happen with my fourth baby. I am feeling pretty well, tired as all get out and just nauseas enough to reassure me that there really is a beautiful little baby growing in there. Princess Belle keeps asking me if I think it is a boy or a girl and gets frustrated when I say I don't know yet. She is so excited, it is cute. I haven't told Princess Magpie or Princess Snifflefritz yet. I wonder when I should


Margaret said...

Congratulations! Hoping you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Julie said...

I'd wait until you are farther along before you tell the little ones. They tend to get a little impatient with the wait. *lol*