Aug 22, 2011

Marvelous Monday

I took Princess Belle out for a surprise today. I had heard that Sears was doing free makeovers so I took her in and we both got makeovers. She isn't allowed to wear makeup usually but the little bit they put on her made her feel beautiful and special and she was thrilled with her mommy and me moment. Afterwards, we went to Dairy Queen where I had a coupon to get her a free ice cream. So how about that, makeovers and ice cream and didn't cost me a cent!

It is funny but when I am pregnant, I am grateful for being sick. I spent two days this week without morning sickness. While I enjoyed being sick, I worried about the change, I worried about the lack of symptoms. So when it came back today with full force, I was grateful. I was so glad!


Anonymous said...

I really cannot take any breaks from your blog!!! You are preggers???? Congrats!!!!!

Julie said...

Amanda would sure love that! ... I don't know if Alicia would or not though. It's not really her personality...