Aug 7, 2011

Princess Magpie

I am thinking that my sweet, cuddly, funny Princess Magpie is insecure about her place in our family. She is usually sweet to her little sister, caring for her, helping with her, playing with her and trying to help when she cries. But once in a while, she shows aggression towards her. I am thinking that it is because she is jealous. She has always shown signs of being jealous, needing to be hugged when her sister is, needing the same attention her sister gets and I always try to accommodate her needs. I think that because her baby sister is such an easy-going pleasant child and Princess Magpie while sweet and funny and cuddly, can at times be more difficult, she is feeling an extra need. It is hard, because she is only three and can't put her needs into words very clearly, but I am going to put an extra effort into loving on her a little and see if that helps.

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