Aug 24, 2011

More thought

I mentioned before how hurt and offended I was when people seem to be upset that I am pregnant with my fourth child. I guess the the reason it bothers me so much is that I have lost a baby in the past and I am spending my first trimester terrified that something could happen to this baby I love and want so much. This baby is so little and yet is so loved and so important to me and it brings out the momma bear in me to think that anyone could view this pregnancy and this baby as anything other than the blessing I feel like it is.

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Tasha said...

Dont let other peoples comments hurt you. When I was prego with my 3rd, people kept asking if we were done yet. We didnt know what god had in store for us and I felt like they were being rude for asking. I love my 3 kids, and you will love what you, your husband and god has planned for your family