Aug 10, 2011


My children have suddenly switched their schedules and this bleery-eyed person hacking away at the keyboard is the result. For some reason, they insist on sleeping all day (as in I get them up and they go off and hide and go back to sleep, and then get up for a while and do the same thing again in the afternoon). So, when they go to bed, they sleep for a few hours and then are up until 3 -4 in the morning. What a weird, odd schedule and I am completely baffled as to how to keep them awake during the day and how to get them to sleep all night.

And a sidenote, that god-awful gel stuff they put in diapers these days. That must be made of some kind of super-sticky substance but it does NOT come off of baby mattresses and baby skin!!!! Thank God we are going back to cloth diapers!!


Julie said...

Hope the girls get back into a decent sleep schedule soon!!!

~ Angelbaby/aka Trouble ~ said...

Im still not quite sure what sleep is, I figure what with my youngest being 16 months I have a few years longer before I find out lol. Great blog, nice to meet you :)