Aug 23, 2009

Rambling Thoughts

I have to admit, I will be happy when summer is over. I usually live for the summer time, but this year, it is beating my butt. Being pregnant just makes me soooo hot anyway and now I am walking around in a constant state of hot, sweaty, headachey, pregnant. I mean this is gross, but I have sweat rolling down my forehead all the time. They say that men sweat and women prespire, but I will tell you what, this pregnant momma is sweatin' up a storm!! It is gross and yucky and I am so done.

On the other hand, I am watching Hurricane Bill carefully. I am scared that he will hit us. They are saying he is going to, but I hope he gets downgraded before he gets here. I will never forget when Hurricane Juan hit us in Nova Scotia. Losing a full freezer of food, the never ending power outage, the middle of the night terror, the roof of the building next door coming in through our wall, the forced move, the entire thing. It was horrible and scary and to this day, I can't stand when the wind blows so hard it rattles the windows. It scares me.

I start homeschooling tomorrow. Any advice from any of you experts out there? I am looking forward to it, but I am nervous too. At this point, I am scared to screw up my kid. She is too special of a prize to fumble at this point. I am going to make tomorrow as fun as I can for her, make it as fun as I can to celebrate out new beginning. We will really get down to work on Tuesday.


Catherine said...

My kids have been homeschooled for their entire academic career - my daughter's in 9th grade and my son is in 6th. They've weathered quite a bit, including a move, a sick mama, changing their teacher from Dad to Mom, etc., and they're doing great. That's in spite of several unfinished curricula and my son being dyslexic and only learning to read decently last year. I'm convinced that homeschooled kids need to be loved. Your kids are young and need lots of playtime, too, so don't stress too much about academics. Hit the basics. Some days will be great, others terrible, most OK. Just hang in there and you'll come out just fine on the other side. The best thing about homeschooling is being with our kids - something that's so hard to do in our culture. So, best wishes to you and your girls!

Patty said...

Good luck with homeschooling, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that Bill stays away. Oh, and I love your "ripples" pictures; your kids are beautiful.

Unknown said...

I hope you have a great first day homeschooling. We are starting our ninth year, we really love it!
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