Aug 12, 2009

Our Ultrasound Appointment

We are back from our U/S today. The baby is healthy, happy and measuring 18 weeks exactly. Princess Belle and Princess Magpie were there to see the U/S too and Princess Belle was excited to see the baby. The Tech didn't get a great look, but she said that if she had to guess she would guess that this is a baby girl. So Princess Magpie will be sharing a room with her baby sister. I am so happy for my baby girl. I was two years older than my younger sister and I hope they grow up to be close like we used to be. I love that I knew where the baby was. I have been feeling her all up and down the right side of my belly. And when the tech did the U/S, she was exactly where I have been feeling her. When I asked the tech if she saw the heartbeat and she said yes, I cried. I was just so scared that something was wrong with my baby. I am so relieved. My baby really is in there. She is okay, she is healthy, and she has been trying to let me know. I can breathe now, I can feel free to connect with her now, I can love her now.

I will be back to post a Wordless Wednesday in a little while!


Tasha said...

OMG 3 girls! What ever are you going to do! Congrats I am so happy for you!

Julie said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting! .... I never got my ultrasound until at least 20 weeks... It was always SO HARD to wait that long! *lol*