Aug 7, 2009

Friday Five

  1. I finally got my family closet done. I am thrilled with it. It has been done for 1 full day and I have already gotten about 6 loads of laundry done. I have put away laundry I haven't put away for months. It is just making laundry so much easier.
  2. Princess Magpie is so sweet these days. She loves music. Whenever she hears music, her little head starts to bob and she starts to sing softly along with it. Today when she was watching, "Big Comfy Couch" (the only cool show in her world), she actually waved at Loonette when she waved at the camera!
  3. Princess Magpie is getting cuter by the minute and loves to give lots of kisses to mommy and daddy and to clap her hands and wave at us.
  4. Princess Belle is so sweet and helpful these days. She loves to help out with her baby sister, to play with her, to make her laugh and to make her feel better when she cries.
  5. I am averaging a headache every other day these days so if I get quiet, that is usually why. On the days that I don't have a headache, I tend to try to get at the housework I missed the other days. I am NOT enjoying the summer heat. I do get a kick out of the pregnancy dreams I have been having and I love that I am sometimes able to feel the baby move now. I get nervous about all that I am taking on: cloth diapering, homeschooling, three children, two kids under two etc. But then I look at other blogging mothers out there who do these things and I tell myself, if they can do it, so can I.


Julie said...

I actually find it harder now that they are all homeschooling, then when I was just homeschooling Jared and the others were little... At least homeschooling is harder. *lol*


Kelly L said...

Great post! Pregnancy dreams are hilarious!

Kimberly @ Raising Olives said...

Here's hoping that your headaches decrease. I had a lot of head aches when I was pregnant with our first. :(


Emily said...

Great list. You know, I've heard you mention a family closet a few times, but I have no idea what it is!