Aug 11, 2009

Organizing the rooms and family closet explained.

I am glad that I got a good start on the nursery yesterday. I have some place I have to be this morning, but as soon as I get back, I am going to get started on it again. I am pleasantly surprised at how big both rooms are. Princess Belle's room looks very sweet and much more grown up than her other room did. She was really sweet, making sure to put things on her shelves saying, "This is the music shelf, this is the dolly shelf, etc." and pointing out exactly where pictures should go on her walls.

I was asked about our family closet the other day. I won't post pics of mine because while it is super-convenient, it isn't pretty and it isn't huge like some are. The basic idea is that all clothing in the house is stored in one big wardrobe room/utility room together. I like having mine right in the laundry room. I have one dresser for each person in the family back to back in the middle of the room like an island, with the laundry hamper at one end. (but I would like to eventually have shelving instead of dressers.) I love that in my case, I can wash, dry, fold and put away the laundry all in one rooms.

I am terrible at explaining it, so if you want a better explanation check out this link, this link, or this one. A side benefit is that Princess Belle no longer spends time putting on fifty outfits while she is playing and then leaving them all over her floor piling dirty and clean clothes together so I end up washing her entire wardrobe on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting I have never thought about something like this - you have given me something to ponder!

Julie said...

I wish our laundry room was bigger.... But I am lucky that all four of the kids fold and put away their own laundry, and that's a huge help! ... And when Jared turns 12, he'll be washing his own clothes as well (he's been warned, and has actually said he will start now if I want, we just need to buy him a hamper. *lol*)